Winlock Press is here!

10967901_10205826536882212_794982495_nMy name is Monique Happy, and I am very pleased to announce that I have been asked to manage Winlock Press.

First, a bit about me. I have extensive editing and formatting experience, since I was a legal secretary for almost thirty years before opening Monique Happy Editorial Services in 2011.

At Monique Happy Editorial Services, I work closely with authors to ensure that their manuscripts will always receive the utmost attention, not only during all phases of editing, but after the authors’ successful self-publishing, as well. This is accomplished through my strict attention to detail and vast promotional services across many networks.

I perform everything from basic editing, checking for consistency, and simple fact checking, to making suggested changes/additions/deletions to each manuscript. I also perform ebook formatting and formatting for print on demand via CreateSpace.

My promotional team stands ready to promote your books via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr. We also offer Facebook release parties.

Monique Happy Editorial Services prides itself on author satisfaction. I am, at all times, hands-on with your manuscripts: their first and last stop, besides many reviews along the way for quality control and editorial overview.


About Winlock Press:

Winlock Press is a new publishing company which will be releasing books within the horror, post-apocalyptic, steampunk, young adult, contemporary and urban fantasy, dark fantasy, mythic fiction, military fiction, paranormal romance, paranormal/supernatural fiction, science fiction, military fiction, space opera, suspense/thriller and similar genres.

Using our far-reaching contacts and extensive knowledge of reader trends, Winlock Press is able to bring best-selling self-published or first time authors to the next level by providing them with stunning artwork and world class editing. Most importantly, however, Winlock Press books will soon be found on the shelves of both chain and independent real-world bookstores throughout North America.

True retail bookstore distribution of Winlock’s printed products, global distribution of electronic products via hundreds of retailers across the globe, and generous profit-sharing royalty arrangements typically unseen from similar publishing houses are the cornerstone of Winlock’s appeal to authors.