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Developmental editing to perfect your story’s structure and characters; copy-editing to polish the prose; proofreading to correct the last errors and make every sentence shine.

Cover Design & Formatting

Professional cover design from proven professionals, made to draw attention to your work and increase sales in e-book and print form alike.

MarkETING & community

Product copy that helps sell your book on-line. Social media strategies that grow your base now and in the future. Advice and training that works.

Helping you create the book you’ve always wanted to publish

… in every way we can


SHAWN Chesser

Monique has worked with Shawn on all of his best-selling post-apocalypse books, including .


Monique has edited a handful of books for Mark Tufo, the highest rated horror author on Goodreads, and creator of the award-winning Zombie Fallout series.

Joshua Dalzelle

The author of the popular Omega Force sf series wanted a strong editor wtih experience and insight, and he found it in Monique, who worked with him on fourteen separate volumes.


Monique Happy, Editor

Monique has been helping indie authors make the books they’ve always wanted with developmental editing, copy editing, and proofreading for almost ten years. She can do the same for you.

Brad Munson, Marketing

A writer, editor, and marketing consultant for nearly forty years, Brad can help you create and execute marketing and promotional plans and build a community that will sell books, now and in the future.

Christian Bentulan, Design

Christian’s mastery of art and PhotoShop has produced best-selling covers for indie authors literally around the world. And he has worked with Monique and Brad on best-sellers for years as well.

Kelly MARTIN, Design

Kelly understands the iconography and imagery of romance, urban horror,  fantasy, and scifi, and brings her talents to bear in creating covers that inspire and sell.

Norman Meredith, Consultant

Norman Meredith helps our authors get it right about combat, military protocol and strategy, weaponry and technology, and as a working EMT brings real-world experience to every action scene he edits. A one-of-a-kind resource.



What People are Saying


  Mark Tufo

When I needed it most, Monique Happy Editorial Services came into my life. Without her suggestions, patience and guiding pen I don’t have a career. I will forever be indebted to her and her skill. Thank you!

Learn more about Mark Tufo’s books here.

  Shawn Chesser

Mo is always there when I need her, Mo is willing to take on quick jobs between the major ones. From handling all phases of the editing process, to assisting with my nemesis (back of the book blurbs), to securing reliable beta readers, and even helping this tech-challenged scribbler to convert my manuscripts into dead tree format, Mo never ceases to amaze me with the level of professionalism she exudes and the pride she puts into her work.

Twelve full-length novels, three published magazine articles, and two anthology pieces later I’m all the better for having Mo as a confidante and using her firm MHES to handle all of my freelance publishing needs.

Learn more about Shawn Chesser’s books here.

    Sean Liebling

Monique came highly recommended and never once has she let me down. With her fantastic attention to detail in grammar she turns my manuscripts from 3rd rate into first. She also is excellent at following character development, making sure the author gets not only his characters but timeline right. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Learn more about Sean Liebling’s books here.

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