Here’s what our clients — best-sellers and new arrivals alike — have to say about MHES:

Monique Happy has been a joy to work with during the editing phase of all three of my fiction novels in the horror genre. Her recommendations regarding flow of story, dialogue changes, and general knowledge of the editing process have all been spot on. Furthermore, she has the uncanny ability to offer her suggestions without being pushy or overbearing. Her communication skills are top notch and her ability to keep my project hurtling towards completion a great asset. I have found working with her a seamless experience and would not hesitate to recommend her services. Lastly, I am happy to have her committed to editing my forthcoming novel.” ~ Shawn Chesser, author of the Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse Series

“When I needed it most Monique Happy Editorial Services came into my life. Without her suggestions, patience and guiding pen I don’t have a career. I will forever be indebted to her and her skill. Thank you!”  ~ Mark Tufo Author of the Award Winning Zombie Fallout series and Highest rated Horror Author on Goodreads.

“I am a new author whose books became much more popular than I anticipated. A great part of that success can be attributed to Monique Lewis Happy. Monique came highly recommended and the results speak for themselves. She seamlessly worked with me on perfecting flow and dialog with individual characters and also was very quick and insightful in spotting flaws and recommending changes. Inconsistencies were pointed out and she pays brutal attention to each scene and the interaction of the characters. I can’t possibly recommend her highly enough.” ~ Sean Liebling, author of the Blood, Brains, and Bullets ZA series.

Monique Happy recently finished editing the fourth book in a science fiction series I began over two years ago.  Each time we have gone through the editing process, she has always been very accommodating of my publishing schedule and helping me move the manuscript along to my beta readers as efficiently as possible.  Mo has been in the publishing business much longer than I, and her advice on topics ranging from reader reviews to writing style has been invaluable.  First and foremost, however, I appreciate the fact that I can count on Mo to do a thorough, professional job with my books — always returning them to me in much better shape for having had the benefit of her attention.  Lastly, I’m not sure if Mo realizes that she’s a great teacher, but she always patiently answers my endless questions, and I learn something new every single time. ~ Tori Harrisauthor of the Terran Fleet Command Saga

 … and even more:

“I have not worked with Monique for editing services, but I can confirm that she is a very generous and gracious individual who will go out of her way to help promote authors, even those like myself who are not her clients and are not paying for her services. I really appreciate her kindness and support.” ~ Lori R. Lopez

I highly recommend Monique Happy Editorial Services to any author looking for a friendly, reliable, and proactive experience that will enhance their work. Monique and her team were responsible for editing ‘First Activation’, a best-seller on Amazon. In today’s market, the service was great value for money, and I wish I’d have come across MHES sooner!” ~ D.A. Wearmouth, Author
  “I highly recommend the skills of the team at Monique Happy Editorial Services. Whether it’s editing, promotions, manuscript assessments or general guidance with a book, they know their stuff. Added to outstanding customer service, my experience working with Monique and her team has been flawless, simply the best decision I have made.” ~ Owen Baillie, author of Murder, Inc. and Aftermath.

“If you are presently, or soon will be, looking to acquire a relationship with an editor for your work, I could not give Monique a higher recommendation. Monique Happy Editorial Service, in addition to Monique herself, is growing fast; yet she always has time to give her clients the best of her attention to detail. Just ask any of us that are ‘HAPPY’ to be part of what she so affectionately refers to as her awesome ‘family of authors.’ Send Monique an instant FB message if you’re interested in working with one of the best!” ~ David Reuben, author of Moon Rises, Harmony Falls
“Monique edited what will soon become my first published story. Her work was professionally done, on time and on budget. She works in multiple genres, and I was extremely pleased with the work she did on my mystery. I will definitely use her and her company again.” ~ Stephen Campbell, mystery author and Authors on the Air Talk Show Host
 Monique Happy was a pleasure to work with. Her concise editorial prowess addressed the continuity as well as the grammatical faults in my work without impinging on the creative soul of my efforts. I would gladly work with her in the future.” ~ Robert DeCoteau, author of The New Days: The First Son, and Don of the Living Dead.
High marks from this writer for Monique Happy Editorial Services which took a short story which is frankly good and made it great! She gave it just the right touch. Thank you, Monique.” ~ Bruce Blanchard, author
 Monique is great at her craft. She has edited and provided invaluable information while helping me in the writing process.” ~ G.R. Mountjoy, author